The Tighten of the Airways and Preparing for National Cyclocross Championships

Huttcross round 4 did not go well for me.
I decide for round 4 of Huttcross I would position myself in the top third of the group for the start of the race. As soon as the siren went off, I sprinted from the start line. Unfortunately, I was trapped in the pile up on the first hill, I even had someone rear end my derailleur luckily only cable was bent.

As asthmatic who suffers from Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA), and the cold air being a trigger for me. I currently do not take any medication for my asthma, unless it trigged really badly. Sprinting from the start line was not a good idea, even after 20 minutes of warmup. I tried getting my heart rate up as high as I would during a race.

HR Zone Huttcross R4
Heart Rate Zone during 20-minute warm up

After the first few minutes the airways begin to tighten up and my throat was starting to burn. I had fast first lap with a lap time of 5:48 minutes. By the second lap I was having trouble breathing and my average speed had drop significantly with a lap time of 7:05 minutes. On the third lap I had to stop and grab my bottle to try and reduce that burning throat, which resulted in a lap time of 8:02 minutes. Final lap time was 7:05 minutes. Every breath I took felt like it was burning my throat.
For round 4 I placed 31st out of 54 in C grade.

Working out what works best for me.
After round 4 of Huttcross I knew I was going have to start at the back of the racing and gradually increase my heart rate. I found that when I’ve gradually increase my heart rate at the start of race, I’ve been able to maintain consistent lap times for both Kapiti CX round 2 and Huttcross round 5. Having a water bottle helps with relieving the throat.
Placed 7th out of 15 for Kapiti CX Round 2 C grade
Placed 8th out of 25 for Huttcross Round 5 C grade

Lap Times

Kapiti CX Round 2: Huttcross Round 5
Lap 1 5:24 Lap 1 8:14
Lap 2 4:51 Lap 2 8:29
Lap 3 5:02 Lap 3 8:45
Lap 4 4:59 Lap 4 8:48
Lap 5 4:57
Lap 6 4:55
Lisa Ng Kapiti R2 C Grade
Kapiti CX Round 2 – Photo taken by Peter Woodman-Aldridge


I have entered in 19-29 age group for National Cyclocross Championships tomorrow (6th of August.) With the four cyclocross races that I have raced. I have now been able to figure out what works for me to be competitive and manage my asthma. I also got a bike fit done by Capital Cycles a couple weeks ago, hopeful this will help me put the power down for Nationals.
Nationals should be an interesting race for me, as I prefer the longer race time (Nationals is 50 minutes for women’s race), but I usually race the 30 minutes races.

Lisa Ng

The Tighten of the Airways and Preparing for National Cyclocross Championships