Health Fitness Sport Technology blog. Educating readers on health, fitness and sport; using technology to improve and monitor health, fitness and sporting goals.


Lisa Ng is the founder of Health Fitness Sport Technology. She has been interest in health, fitness, sport and technology from a young age (early teenage years.) She studied a Bachelor of Science which included E-Health, Structural Kinesiology, Fitness Assessment, and Emerging Issues in Information papers. She has been using technology to monitor her health, fitness and sporting goals, since starting her first IT job. Lisa has had to over come several medical conditions to live a fit and healthy lifestyle they in included; Asthma, Bipolar Mixed State, Sensitive Skin, other Allergies.


Lisa is studying a Masters in Information Technology and in her spare time runs HFSTech. Her inspiration to start HFSTech come from Richard MacManus.


Richard MacManus is the founder of technology blog ReadWrite.com and is recognized as a leader in articulating what’s next in technology and what it means for society. He became interested in health technology when diagnosed with type diabetes. Richard lives in Wellington, New Zealand.


Richard MacManus is the writer of Trackers How Technology is helping us Monitor & Improve our Health. This book is a high recommend read for anyone who is interest in improving their health with the aid of technology, and a must read for any athlete.